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Robyn Flans - Journalist, author and researcher,  Robyn Flans has been every drummer's best friend and confidante for decades. Her biography on beloved drummer, Jeff Porcaro, is exceedingly well researched and filled with stories, anecdotes and a bounty of inside information. Take a behind the curtains look at whom everyone considers the drummer's drummer.

 IT'S ABOUT TIME: Jeff Porcaro the Man and His Music available for sale on my website that I will personalize. At this time I am only able to offer this to U.S. residents due to shipping costs. 

A great gift for any Jeff or Toto fan!

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Interviews & More!

 ROBYN FLANS DRUMMER INTERVIEWS was founded to make available my classic interviews, unedited and in audio form so you can experience what I have enjoyed all these many years. You can hear your favorite drummers talk, emote and laugh, which makes you feel like you are there! 

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Robyn Flans is a Los Angeles based music journalist who, for 35 years, interviewed some of the biggest legends for Modern Drummer Magazine. She has continued to make her mark in the industry with such contributions as co-authoring Ed Shaughnessy's autobiography, Lucky Drummer. She will soon be unveiling without a doubt, one of the biggest events in the history of drumming!


Thank You!

 I was honored with the Believe in Music award by NAMM for what they said was my contribution in the music industry. I have loved every minute of my work and will continue to do it as long as I have breath!

Don't Forget!  Hudson Music will be publishing my second book on Jeff Porcaro in the coming months. The title is Moments in Time: Jeff Porcaro Stories. The book has 360 pages with an updated Discography and 60 photos, many of which have never been seen before.

A small sample of the interviews available on this site...

Colaiuta - Porcaro - Keltner - Mason- Gadd - Cobham - Copeland - Garibaldi - Vega - Hawkins - Londin - Greene - Craney - Lawson - Colomby - Guerin - Powell - Blaine -  Williams -  Marotta - Bellson - Starr - Moffett - Helm -

and lots more...

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